Monday, April 7, 2014

craft supplies thrifting haul

Good Morning dear readers, here's that second shopping trip we went on this weekend.  Sorry didn't post it earlier camera died. I had to get new batteries.  Over all it was a very good sale.  It was 50% off in the entire store which I love.  This is the thrift store that has craft supplies.  When I heard it was 1/2 day coming up I knew I was going to get a lot of supplies for my art journaling and other crafts.  So here's what I got with pictures.

                                      Much to Frankies horror I found another cat for my collection.

                                             7 rubber stamps and a stamp pad not bad.

                                     Next craft project 2-3 tier holder with candle sticks and pans

Not shown Conor got two dvd's not bad for around $10.

So hope this inspires you to look in unusual places for things we need happy thrifting and zen hugs all around.
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