Friday, March 7, 2014

Meat Shopping Trip at Savemart with Tips

Good Morning dear readers,  I meant to post this earlier this week been crazy busy.  Save mart has extended their meat sale this week. They are focusing on lent so alot of fish and shrimp will be on sale.  I got a eleven packages of various meats.

6 packages were on the 5/$25 deal you can get more than 5 (note when shopping the pick 5 go for the larger packages like chicken and the 2 lb ground turkey more bang for your buck)
3 packages were reduced for quick sale which will have coupons on them (these are good meats just check them for color and freeze immediately will keep)
2 packages of chicken breast that were B1G1F
2 packages chips ahoy on sale $1.99

You don't necessarily have to have meat coupons(sacrilegious) because they are rare to save money.  If your printer is working check the printable coupon sites especially  They are the ones that will have the meat coupons when available.  Also if you have a save mart or affiliate 10 lb bags leg quarters are   
 $.69 lb

Total before sales/discounts/coupons  $85.07       O.O.P.  $50.05     Saved 41%

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