Friday, March 7, 2014

Frankies Corner-hide and go seek

Good Morning dear readers,  It's Friday and time for Frankie's corner. I know a lot of the U.S is still experiencing extremely cold weather and the pets can't go outside.  Much like a child a pet needs activity for a certain amount of time each day.  So get those toys out and play with your pets.  Did you know some cats play fetch.  Frankie on an occasion will bring a toy back to me for me to throw it.  Frankie will play chase with conor around the house.  They have a lot of fun.  I was reading some of the pet sites and they say an average of 20-30 minutes a day is good for their health.  It also helps the owners get some exercise.  Have fun with your pet.  Here's the little nuts photos for this week enjoy.

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