Monday, March 3, 2014

Wearin of the Green

Good Afternoon dear readers,  Sorry this is so late ran around doing errands this morning.  Do you ever wonder why we wear green on St. Patrick's Day.  What really is St. Patrick's Day all about.  I'm Irish and I didn't even know this stuff. I did some research and thought I'd share it with you.  St. Patrick was a christian missionary who brought Christianity to Ireland.  Instead of banning all the pagan rituals he incorporated some of them in our traditions today.  St. Patrick's Day March 17 is actually the day he died.  I thought we would have celebrated his birth.  The color used was originally blue but because Ireland is called the Emerald Isle and its known for its shamrocks the color was changed to green.  That little thing about being pinched if you don't wear green involves a legend where leprechauns will pinch you if they see you and if you wear green you become invisible.  We like to celebrate this holiday with Irish Food.  Last year we cooked Irish Roast Beast(yes its a Joanne Fluke recipe),  colcannon and soda bread.  Unfortunately we are not close to any of the parades.  Do any of you do the parades.  Conor loves to wear Irish T-shirts and other things.  So what are you doing and wearing for St. Patricks Day?

                                               Frankie's ready for St. Patrick's Day

Some of things that Conor wears T-shirt , Hat and Tie

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