Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Easy Shoe Box Jewelry Display Case

Good Morning dear readers,  I'm posting today because I will be out tomorrow.  I found this lovely craft in one of my craft email newsletters that I fell in love with it.  It was an easy craft using shoe boxes and it fit into my budget.  You turn the box into  a jewelry display case showing you what you have available to wear.  If your like me you have a jumble of things in jewelry boxes and sometimes you forget what you have in them.  I love jewelry especially vintage pieces.  You'll see some of them in pics at the end of the post. So here's what you'll need to make this easy craft.

1 shoe box preferably only 2 inches deep the long narrow ones work best
multiple toilet rolls without the paper of course
your favorite color of paint (purple) plus brush
a roll of decorated duck tape (found lovely french theme tape at Wal-mart)
fabric remnant (can be found in the bins at Wal-mart)
Glue (started out with tacky glue which seeped through so switched to Elmer's glue all)
your lovely pieces of jewelry

First off your going to paint your box the outside only.  I ended up putting two coats of paint on it and I let it dry between coats about an hour. Once that's done you can decorate the inside with your duck tape.  I put long strips along the bottom and sides.  I put short ones on the ends trying to keep the flow of the pattern.
The next step for me is a little hard. I don't do a lot of sewing. I didn't have straight edge so my fabric was a little uneven but no one will see the bottom of the rolls.  Wrap the rolls in the fabric and leave a little overage.  Once you cut in you will put glue under the overage.  Press down to seal it.  If  you leave the ends a little long they will tuck inside the roll without having to glue them down.  But if you want shorter ones you can glue them down.  Once that"s done place them in the box.  Now your ready to put your jewelry to where you can see it.     


                                           For easy pinning  http://www.pinterest.com/pin/362610207469831104/


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Have a great day and get your craft on.

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