Thursday, August 22, 2013

Meat Savings at Save Mart and Coupon Tips

Good Morning all, Hope everyone is having a great day. Save Mart extended their meat sale and I'm just getting around to posting this trip from earlier in the week. I like Save Mart because they also put more discounted meat out on the racks.  So you get more bang for your buck. So here's what I got from the sale and a few coupons.
                                                                                            regular price     sale price
Post Fruity Pebbles (I know not meat but the boys love it)     $4.49                 $2
Banquet Link Sausage                                                        $2.39              $1 bought 2
rib eye steak                                                                      $8.14              $5
rib roast                                                                             $6.38              $5
country style ribs                                                                $6.67              $5    
fryer thighs                                                                         $9.95              $5
ground turkey                                                                     $6.99              $5
pork loin roast                                                                    $7.30              $5
Tyson precook diced chicken                                              $9.99              $5 bought 2

Discounted meat
Farmland Ham Cubes                                                           $4.99             $1.99
Fryer Drumsticks                                                                  $4.65             $2.92 plus $1 off coupon
Fryer Drumsticks                                                                  $4.71             $2.96 plus $1 off coupon
Land of Frost Lunch meat                                                      $5.79              $2.99 bought 2 used $2/2

TOTAL   $100.61                                   After sales and coupons $53.85  a 46% savings

Here's the second half of the post.  I've had some nice people ask me where do you get the coupons.
Well first off before you go and actually shop, I try to do a preliminary run and see if their are any unadvertised specials in the store the day before shopping. Now on to the coupons.

1.  Sunday Newspapers- get as many as you can and sign up for email showing you whats coming out.
You can get them at the $1 stores also check for any local small papers.  My town as a small paper that comes out on Wednesdays. Its free and I get a couple of those papers and their filled with coupons.

2.  A coupon run-I go to the stores and look for tear pads (coupons next to a product that tear off) and blinkies (coupon machine with blinking light hence the name).  I was told by one of my favorite cashiers who's been in the business awhile go to the high end grocery stores.  They put out a lot of coupons to entice people to buy more from their store.   I don't typically shop at Safeway but I have noticed they have a lot of coupon tear pads and blinkies.

3.  Online Coupon Services-There are alot of places you can print coupons from for instance,,  just to name a few.  

4.  Face book Coupons-I just started doing this method.  Manufacturers love social media and on their face book pages you can find printable coupons.  So check your favorite companies face book pages.

5.  Take it old school- What I mean by that is call them.  Customer service people are so nice.  To give an example the Friskies people are very helpful.  Frankie the Siamese is Anti veggie.  I did not know this when I bought a bag with greens in it.  I woke up one morning to find all these green bits left in the bowl.  I'm like what is this and I called Friskies and they told me veggies.  They graciously sent me a free coupon, $1 off coupon and the little snot even got a toy from them.  It pays to call customer service.

6.  The All You Magazine-If you have not discovered this magazine its a gold mine of coupons.  You can only find it in wal-mart.  It's worth it.  You can also get this for free by using the Coke rewards program. You save your points and get a year subscription for free. 

7.  Snail Mail- I have not done this recently but it does work.  You send a nice letter telling them how much you like product or if some problem, 9 times out of 10 you will get coupons. One time I told Hormel my kids inhaled their hot dogs I got gift certificates for fresh meat.  So give this method a try and this should increase your coupon stash and help save money.

                                             This is just some of the meat bought.
Another key to helping save money is organization. This is something I'm struggling with all the time. I use the accordion check book holder and a smaller one for my purse.  I've been hearing about my coupon keeper and will probably get one from amazon.  I'm interested in hearing what method everyone uses for their coupons.  So let me know what you use and I hope these tips help you save some money in these crazy economic times. 

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