Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Celebrate Hostess with a Trifle

I decide since our favorite snack was back on the shelf to make a trifle in honor of  Hostess.  It was going to be a Twinkie Trifle but everybody is wiping out the shelves at Wal-Mart.  So we did a little substitution with some of the ingredients to make this for everyone to enjoy.  I got interested in Trifle's when I was in the military, my boss had been stationed in England and learned all about them.  She made one for x-mas and I got to try it.  It was in such a pretty crystal bowl I decide I wanted one too.

 Here's a list of the ingredients I used in my trifle.

                                                   2 boxes of hostess cupcakes
                                                   2 boxes of strawberries hulled
                                                   1 carton premade chocolate pudding
                                                   1 can whipped cream

I started by cutting the cupcakes in half and layering the trifle bowl. I put the bottom pieces on the bottom of the trifle dish.  I layered the top pieces around the edge of the bowl.  When the first layer was done, I put the strawberries in and then spread a layer of pudding on top (2 cups per layer of pudding). The using a circular motion put the whipped cream on top.  I repeated the layer of strawberries and pudding.  Then I spread another layer of whipped cream and voila topped with a strawberry.  Their you go enjoy your trifle.

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