Friday, August 9, 2013

frankies corner--Do Your Cats Watch TV?

Get That Thing Outta My Face

                                           Ah!  Can't A Cat Have Any Fun Make It Spin Mom.

I have to ask the question do your cats watch TV?  Well, Frankie can be caught watching TV, but wouldn't you know it he's camera shy.  We discovered this while watching Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.  His poor little eyes got so big when he heard and saw the crows. He crawled under his favorite blanket and wouldn't come out for quite a while.  Yes,  Frankie is also a Foodie (so is everybody else in this family).  Please help me,  HE LOVES GORDON RAMSEY.  He will sit in front of the TV and watch Master Chef with his paws out in front. I guess because everybody else is watching it too.  Maybe we should call him Frankie the Foodie Cat.  Have a good weekend and next week we'll try for pic's of him on his leash.
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