Monday, August 12, 2013

Kids back to school-What about the pets?

Good Morning all,  It's back to school today.  The boys went to their youth group meeting the other day and Frankie was sitting by the front door anxiously waiting for them to return.  This got me to thinking what's going to happen when school starts.  Pets love us and give us comfort. In the case of cats their purring as a calming soothing effect on the human central nervous system.  Some of them are our therapist--Frankie falls into that category.  He's Conor's form of therapy for anxiety.  Unfortunately, Frankie will never be licensed my AMA because he hates men.  Yes, he loves Conor and kyle but anybody else who's male gets pawed and bit.  My maintenance man jokingly calls him my attack cat.  So, what do you do for your pets.  If your home try to give a little extra attention.  Make sure they have plenty of food and water. If no ones home put the radio or TV on for them to not feel alone. I do this because Frankie is a Snowshoe and they don't like to be left alone.  He lets me know he's not happy about it. When you come home, talk to them and praise them.  Have the kids when they come home, give extra special attention until pets get used to idea. In Frankie's case, he gets to go for a walk on his leash several times a week.  Here's the pic's of Frankie enjoying himself.

Did you say go bye, bye?


Walks over please change the water, I need a drink.
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