Saturday, April 22, 2017

Thrift Store Vintage Jewelry Sale Haul

Good Afternoon dear readers, I have been busy and I'm sorry for not posting a normal schedule this week.  I was able to get to a Big new event at Snowline Hospice Thrift Store.  They are now having an annual Vintage Jewelry Sale. They've gotten so much vintage pieces they can't hold them back. So I'm sharing what I found today and was able to bring home.

This lovely Cameo was created by the Coro company.  They've been around since 1901 founded by Emanuel Cohen and Gerald Rosenberg. The name of the company comes from combining the first 2 letters of their names together to form Coro. You can't go wrong with a Coro Cameo. This brooch is marked with the Coro script on the back.

This piece is marked AJC otherwise known as the American Jewelry Chain Co.  They were in business from 1927 through the 1990's.  Let me tell  you they make some fun jewelry.  This pin is the cat stuck in the dryer.  Their figurals are always so fun and interesting.

This brooch is marked with JEANNIE.  The only info I could find was a reference to the company from a Teen magazine from the early 1960's.  This is another fun brooch to add to your wardrobe.

This a another brooch of the cat variety.  Frankie is of course mad and jealous of all things cat.  Their was no marks just a lovely silver toned brooch.

This was another brooch that was unmarked. Lovely piece only missing two small rhinestones.  This does not mar the beauty of the brooch.

This is an unmarked ribbon brooch in brass-tone. It's  just another great little piece to wear on suits and dresses.

Not all the pieces will be on eBay.  The cat in the dryer and the bird brooches will not be on eBay.  You can find everything else within a couple days on eBay.  Thanks for reading my vintage jewelry haul.


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