Monday, August 1, 2016

Dealing with Migraines-What do you do?

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Good Morning dear readers, I want to explain my absence by writing this post. You know all those visits to the ER with weird vision problems. There not the early warning signs(in my case) of blood clots in the brain i.e. stroke.  After my last ER visit, the headaches came on with a vengeance. So I know a lot of you have similar situations and I wanted to share with you how I'm dealing with it.  So maybe it can help you a little bit.

What does a migraine look like:

  • dull throbbing pain 
  • vision problems can't see or bright flashes of light (very scary my first symptoms)
  • nausea
  • feeling tired 
  • feeling like you have a cold
  • feeling cold or sweaty
  • dizzy
  • stiff neck
What are some ways you can treat them at home or prevent them from happening.
  • certain foods can cause a migraine therefore watch what you eat and keep a food journal
  • mental health issues i.e. anxiety, stress and depression can be a trigger try to find ways to relax (that's my problem right there)
  • Changes in Weather-sorry guys I'm anti summer the heat makes me literally sick.
  • Bright lights and smells can set you off. Did you know their are curtains made to block out the sun to prevent migraines.
  • Medications-OTC and prescription of course help a lot(I see my doctors this week)
  • This is a trick I use to treat headaches in general before the migraines started.  I would take Tylenol, a strong cup of coffee for the caffeine(note too much can have the opposite effect) and protein i.e. tuna sandwich and this works for me give it a try. 
  •  Certain essential oils help relieve the pain.  Lavender is great at reducing stress.  If you don't have any try this lavender scented bubble bath and soak in a warm tub.
  • Give yourself an intense facial massage 
  • icepack on the back of the neck and put your feet in warm water(Frankie thinks the icepack is for him tried to paw it off the back of my neck)
Hope this helps if you have any health issues that your concerned about always see your doctor. I'm not a doctor I'm just a lady with a health education degree and love sharing what I find out.

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