Friday, August 12, 2016

Mixed Media Flower Canvas

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Good Morning dear readers, I finally finished my mixed media canvas. This was hard to get it together.  My inner critic kept interfering but here's the final result.

The original canvas had a nightmare going on it.  I've never used these chalk blocks thought they were oil pastels not.  So I gesso'd over the painting and you can still see a little bit of the house I tried to draw.

The ink sprays that I love bled through the gesso. I used cotton candy blue acrylic paint to go around the ink spots.  I turned the ink spots into flowers. I drew in the flowers with glitter glue.  Then outlined the flowers with pink paint pens.  I glued on pipe cleaner for stems and outline them in oil pastel crayons.  I used various rubber stamps and yes paw prints. It wouldn't be my art with out an ode to Frankie.  Glue on collage elements from magazines and outlined them in oil pastels.  Voila its done don't let your inner critic keep you from your art.

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