Saturday, August 6, 2016

Caturday Art-Snowshoe Black Fire Kitty

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Good Morning fur buddies,  I'm back and feeling better.  I've had a really bad cold with sneezing fits this past week.  Mom was on the verge of taking me to the vet.  She decided to see what would happen if she gave me a bath.  You know I don't like baths what kitty does?  Anyways the bath and washing my bed got rid of the sneezies.  Boy took me out last week and I rolled on the ground and probably picked up something(you went out on a bad air day and you were not supposed too).  Mom even changed the filters on my air thingy. So I don't have to ride in the Uber car.  I'm going to get cat sitted cause its thrifting day for mom. Maybe she'll bring me something back.  She better not bring anymore anipals into the house(Frankie their glass).  I don't like anyone else getting my attention time.  We are joining in  Athena Cat Goddess Art Hop and this is my entry.  Mom had several she created maybe she'll put the others in the shop.

                                                           Blacklight in Dreamscope

                                                        Done in HDR in Picmonkey

                                                            Original Photo

Yes she did add these to the shop please check it out.
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