Monday, May 2, 2016

Ultimate Thrifting Find-Vintage Jewelry

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Good Morning dear readers,  I went on a thrifting hunt last week.  I visited the lovely Trinity thrift a local thrift shop for the church.  I can always find some lovely things in this shop.  Vintage Jewelry is one of my favourite things to find.  Growing up, I would read all kinds of books on vintage jewelry.  So when I saw this brooch in the shop and it was marked.  I knew I had to have it even though I was not familiar with the name.  The name of the designer was Hattie Carnegie. Did a little research when I got home.   Turns out I seem to gravitate to designers from the 1950's.  She was around when Coca Chanel was famous.  She was an immigrant from Austria in the early 1900's.  Started out working at Macy's in the hat department-hence the nickname Hattie.  Eventually opened her own shop and designed suits and all types of accessories for women. Her jewelry was made from plastics to metal.  I always like to refer to the designers of the fifties has making fakes look better then the real stuff of today.  Like to find out more check out the links at the bottom some really good books on the subject. Here's a picture of the brooch. It's so ugly its cute.

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