Saturday, May 7, 2016

Caturday Art-Snowshoe Funky Colored Cat

Good Morning fur buddies, how is everyone doing this fine mother's day weekend.  Their was talk of me being cat sitted this weekend.  But I think mom has decided to play with her art instead of going to the movies. Oh my furbuds you know what that means, I get to play with the gesso and the pretty colors. Frankie you know if you get gesso on your butt.  You will have to get a bath.  Bath smath I want to play with the pretty colors.  Moms been working on what she calls a mixed media wreathy thing.  All I wanted to do is sit on it and she says no.  Moms yah gots to love'em. No cake this year just a pie maybe I can sit on the box.  I'm now legal furbud's mom got my license.  I wish it was a license to drive. I'd show them some fast moves.  We are joining Athena cat goddess art hop today.  If you've never tried the arty thing you should.  Mom took my photo and went to picmonkey and did a soft overlay.  Then she went to pizap and did multiple overlays.  So check it out.

Forgive mother she has not been creating much in the shop. We do have some nice lovelies check them out please.

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