Thursday, March 12, 2015

CVS Trip-2 transactions including free toiletries

Good Afternoon dear readers,  I made a trip to CVS this week to take advantage of deals.  I did two transactions and got a lot of the candy deals for Easter.  So here's the break down on the transactions:

1st transaction

3-12 pack Pepsi 3 for $8
3-V8 Splash @ $2.50 each
3-Bags of Gold Fish Crackers 3/$5
2-M&M Bags 2/$6
2-Camp bells Chunky Soup 2/$3
2-Peeps Bunnies 2/$3
2-Dove Solid Bunnies 2/$3
2-Star burst Jelly Beans 2/$5
1 Deluxe Mixed Nuts  $7.99

Before coupons/sales/discounts   $87.40               After coupons/sales  O.O.P  $53.59
earned $13 in ecbs       savings of  39%
sorry picture didn't turn out right for this one

2nd transaction

JTP Toilet Paper  $3.99
Purina Kit-n-Kaboodle  $4.99
Palmolive Liquid Dish Soap  $.99
Can Friskies Rise and Shine  $.69

Before coupons/sales/ecbs  $12.67             After coupons/ecbs    PAID TAX $.85
                                                 Saved 100%

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