Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The need to Create-Spring Art Page

Good Morning dear readers, finally finished another art page.  I really felt the need to create was experiencing some anxiety/stress episode.  Told myself you need to sit down and play and paint.  You know just the action of doing finger painting was very therapeutic.  I feel you have better control over the paint using your fingers.  You don't have to think just let your fingers do the talking.  I was able to use some happy mail I got on this page.  I used acrylics on the background bright magenta, lavender sachet and dandelion yellow.  Used rubber stamps roses and heart shape with roses just for you in red ink.  Glued on a lavender doily and fun summer hat and flower embellishment so cool.  Then I glued collage picture of flowers that stayed with the color scheme.  I had some buckling when gluing how does everyone prevent that from happening?  Then I rubber stamp and wrote spring is sprung.  Really felt the need to create feeling a lot better now.  Do you use your art to relieve stress and anxiety?

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