Monday, September 23, 2013

Paid $1.52 for Frankie's Food at CVS

Good Morning,  I made a run to CVS yesterday because Frankie was having an issue with the Cat Chow.  I did two transactions.  I took advantage of the coke/gold emblem deal.  I wanted to get the $10/$30 deal.  So here's what I got.

4 cases of coke product
3 circus peanuts
1 can cashews
1 4lb bag sugar
1 bag french roast coffee

with sales/coupons/25% off     Saved total of  $22.05               O.O.P.  $30.45  received $10 ecb

2nd transaction

1 Friskies bag 3.15 lb 
1 Kit-n-Kaboodle bag 3.15 lb
6 can friskies rise and shine

with sales/coupons/ecb            Saved total of $14.82                  O.O.P.   $1.52

When I go back later this week and spend another $2.08 I'll get $3 in ecb's on pet products

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