Monday, September 30, 2013

Fans and Fandom

Good Morning all,  I noticed everyone is sharing their favorite shows and anticipating new ones.  Do you ever notice how certain shows effect us or how we effect certain shows.  The world of the fans is powerful.  Fans are phenomenal and we can effect change.  I wanted to give you several examples of this effect.  Did you know that during the so called Luke and Laura phenomena colleges could not schedule classes during that hour because no one would show up.  I will give you more current examples.  The character of coulson was killed off in avengers.  The fans rebelled and asked for him back and now he's in agents of shield.  Another favorite N.C.I.S. lost a  recent character Ziva
Davide.  When the fans found out they sent hundreds of paper clips to her to show their support.  The paper clips refer to the first episode where ziva meets tony and threatens him with a paper clip. Why not use all this zeal to help other people.  Get your fellow fans together and plan something.  Do a food drive for a local food bank.  If your favorite show is military based like N.C.I.S. help support military families.  You can pick a theme based upon your favorite show. Just a thought for the holidays.

Note to my readers Frankie's post will be up Wednesday this week and Food will on Friday. Have a great day.
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