Monday, September 2, 2013

Teens, Driving and Alternative Forms of Transportation

Good Morning All,  I wanted to talk about the right of passage for all teenagers learning how to drive. Kyle will celebrate his 18th birthday this month. Oh my god they grow up so fast. Well he's had his drivers education but I feel that's never enough. When I was younger and learning how to drive, my father took me out and had me drive in  large shopping mall parking lots in the morning to practice.  We would go out to old country roads and let me drive.  At this time I don't have a car, so unfortunately he has to wait.  Yes, I know about the driving schools which I will send him to for more practice.  Because everyone should know how to drive.  But this got me to thinking in this day and age how do people get around. Especially when your in college just starting out.
First off,  we have how everyone gets around walking.  It's the easiest built in thing to do, just get up and go.  But that's if everything is close to where your living.  I live in a suburb and everything pretty close.  Shopping is not bad I came across a little shopping cart I got for free from a yard sale.  My knee is not bad for short walks as long as I have my cane.  I'm good to go.
Second, what if everything is not close.  The metro buses are really good.  You can get a monthly pass for a good rate.  Think of it this way your not paying for insurance or gas.  The price of a monthly pass is comparable to having to pay for the necessities of a car.
Third,  we have light rail.  I just started riding the train.  I love it.  The price is not bad and it gets you pretty close to where your going.
Fourth, if your disabled their are services available.  Para transit and Dial-a-ride are available.  Dial-a-Ride is pretty pricey in my area $4 each way.  I'm not sure about para transit but they pick you up at your door and take you to where you have to go and then come and get you when your done.
Fifth,  theirs the zip car. I came across this on an Internet Search. You can rent a car for a couple of hours. You don't have to have it all day. Just for the amount of time you need it. Something to check into if you already have your license.
Sixth, if your a veteran their are services available.  If you have appointments at the VA hospital they offer a car service. You just need to check with your VA hospital and see if they have it available. They take you to your VA hospital appointments.  I like it I don't have to ride the train or the bus.
These are just a few ways of getting around .  How do you get around without a car?
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