Monday, January 18, 2016

Upcycling-Coke Carrier to Mixed Media Craft Caddy

Good Morning dear readers,  I've been working on this little project.  I took a small 6 pack coke case and turned it into a mixed media craft caddy.  I started this project by covering the caddy with gesso.  Then I had a little fun with my spray inks just spritzing the colors all over it.  The areas that were left with exposed gesso I painted with honeysuckle pink acrylic paint.  Then on the side I wrote in silver glitter glue Crafts.  Be sure if you use glitter glue to lay it on its side the glue will slide if you don't.  Let it dry for several hours and your done.  It will hold some paints and brushes or if you have small stencils perfect.

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