Thursday, January 14, 2016

CVS Trip-3 Transactions 100% savings on Toiletries

Good Afternoon dear readers,  You and Conor have been asking for a return to CVS shopping trips.  Everybody loves having stock piles of much needed items i.e. toiletries, household cleaners and of course food. CVS makes it possible with its Extra Card Bucks. So I  checked the paper before hand to see what  coupons I  needed to go with this trip.  I was better organized this time around.  I separated each transaction in its own reusable shopping bag made it easier on me and the cashier.  So here's the break down:

2-m&m's bags @ 2/$6
2-Nabisco crackers @ 2/$6
2-Hershey candies @ 2/$7
2-Pringles @ 2/$3
1 GE almonds 16 oz.  $7.99
1 GE deluxe mixed nuts $8.99

total before sales/coupons/discounts   $54.70                 After O.O.P  $38.48

                                                    Savings of 30% earned $10 in ECB'S

2nd Transaction:

9 pack Quilted Northern
12 angel soft 
3-Purex Liquid Soap 50 oz.  @  $1.97
toilet paper and soap were part of deal spend $15 get $5 ecb

total before coupons/ecbs/sales  $35.64                         After O.O.P  $7.26

                                                        Savings of  83%  earned $5 ecb

3rd Transaction

4-Bottles Garnier Fructis @  $2.99 each used 4  $2 off coupons
1-bottle dawn @ $.99 

total before coupons/ecbs/sales  $19.73                         after O.O.P. paid just tax $1.04
                                                           Savings of 100%

Use those rewards cards to your advantage they do work.

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