Tuesday, July 14, 2015

CVS Trip-90% savings on toiletries

Good Morning dear readers, I hit up CVS this weekend to try and get my supplies up again.  Don't forget to check for your quarterly rewards this adds to  your savings.  I did two separate transactions.

Alot of opportunities to get ecbs this week.  So here's what I got.

3/$12 coke 12 pk
4/$5 2 liter           Good on the spend $15 get $5 ecb
1 Gallon Milk
1 Flavored Water
2/$6 m&m candies used the $2 off from coupon machine also got $1.50 ecb
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes  $2.50
Pop Tarts $1.99
Wonderful Pistachios @ $3.99
1 Pringles Can
1 Box Welch's Fruit Snacks

Before Coupons/Sales/ECB spent   $64.14                             After Sales/Coupons/ECB   $41.16

                                                                Savings of  $22.98       36%

2nd Transaction 

JBT 100OZ  Liquid Laundry Soap  $4.99
2-Friskies Cans  $.70
JBT Liquid Dish Soap  $1.50
VO5  Shampoo  $1.27

Before coupons/sales/ecbs  $10.02                    After Coupons/sales/ECB  $1.52  

                                                    Savings of  $8.50 @  90% 

Okay couponers I have a  deal for you.  I now have a zazzle shop and they are having a sale this week. I created some items with the couponer in mind check them out.  The mugs are 50% off through saturday using the code tenth4zazzle.

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