Saturday, July 4, 2015

Caturday Art-Victorian Lace and Flowers Kitty

Good morning dear readers,  Happy Fourth Of July to everyone.  We are joining in the Caturday Art Hop at Athena and Marie's Caturday Hop.  Be sure and protect your kitties and the woofies today.  A lot of pets go missing on this day every year.  So make sure they have a safe and secure place to ride out the noise today.  Mom has made the back bedroom my safe place where  I will be listening to NPR on the little pink box to drown out the noise of the fire boomers.  I have my blankie to hide under this is the one that I use when the boys watch scary movies. So I know it keeps the bad stuff 
away. I'm not happy with mom right now.  She made me look like a girl in the latest art photo.  I am a Man Cat here me roar.  So here it is she calls it Victorian Lace and Flowers Kitty.  I'm so embarrassed to even be seen connected to the photo.

                                                        Mom says I have pretty eyes.
                                                        She did a blue overlay.                                                        

                                        Then she went to pizap and added the flowers and lace.

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