Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fun Thrifting Haul

Good Morning dear readers, I finally got to go thrifting again.  I was starting to have withdrawals. I realized when I was their I had not bought anything for the cat collection in awhile.  Well much to Frankie's horror, I found another little cat figurine.  He thinks I'm trying to replace him.  He tries to break them any chance he gets.  Also went to look for some interesting industrial type pieces i.e. steam punk.  I've fallen love with this craft idea.  I was looking at my blog feed and their was an ad for a birdhouse-steam punked.  So naturally I did a pinterest hunt and I'm hooked.  If you want to see what I mean check out the new pinterest board.  So here's what I got.

lovey tray in green with symbols
coffee mug with cat
little cat figurine
big paint brush 
bag of bead and odds and ends
decorated washi tape

all this for under $5

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