Friday, February 7, 2014

Frankie's computer obsession

Good Morning dear readers,  It's time for Frankie's corner.  He's become obsessed with laying on the computer.  I can't get him to go back to his blankets even though they've been heated in the dryer.  I wanted to take him out on his leash but the weather has not been cooperating.  Because when ever I come back from shopping and he's near the door he has an asthma attack.  So we don't want an emergency visit to the vet so he's staying in doors for now.  I have a question for all you cat lovers is your cat a bunter (thanks to pawsome cats blog I know what that is now-he head butts me and purrs for attention)  or a biter (he will play bite).  So here's the little nuts pics for the week.  Hope they make you smile.  Oh another new habit he sneaks up behind me when I'm on the computer and yowls really loud--I know he's secretly laughing at me because I almost jump out of my seat when he does it.

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