Sunday, March 12, 2017

Thrifting Haul-Crafts and collectibles

Good morning dear readers, here's the thrifting haul from this week. I found some really cool stuff to make over in the upcycling department much to Frankie's horror.  He feels abandoned whenever theirs a new craft in the house.  He even tried to push it off the table. So here they are for your viewing pleasure. The first one is of course this lovely birdhouse with all these details.

I love the raised areas and the crystal knobs. The roof is metal and you can't see in this photo but theirs a back door on this bird house.  I've started getting some steam punk bits from Joann's for this birdhouse make over.

I found this lovely chunky rhinestone necklace at trinity thrift. They always have fun jewelry at their store. This piece was unmarked and I was unable to find any info on it. I will have to keep looking for more info on it.

Who doesn't love yorkies and teacups found this at the snowline thrift shop.  This is from the Hamilton collection.  A limited edition in the flamboyant Personali-teas collection called Brimming with Charisma.  So far that's what I have for this haul. Some of these items I have put on eBay. I don't have a store yet.  Does anybody have a store? How did you get started?  I will have some crafts for everyone later.  Maybe down for a day or 2 got the new computer will be having a new Internet put in this week.  Enjoy your day zen hugs to all.
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