Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Selfie and A Vent

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Good Morning my furbuddies,  I told mom I wasn't going to do a selfie if I couldn't vent.  She says okay you can vent.  Well furbuddies they abandoned me again this weekend. They were taking My Boy to the movie theatre for his 18th birthday.  I knew mom was going to abandon me when she brought my radio to the dining room and plugged it in.  She always does that so I wont be lonely-got news for you mom still lonely.  When they came back my boy was INJURED.  He was limping around and had to use moms metal walky thing.  Mom said he had a sprained ankle.  I was so mad I ran around at top speed and was trying to love on my boy and bite mom on the feet.  HOW DARE THEY HURT MY BOY.  Mom even took my tub bed and put ice in it for my boy(not your tub bed future fairy garden).  Well that's my vent my boy is fine just staying off it for a few days. Here's me in all my glory. I'm such a stinker.

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