Saturday, March 12, 2016

Caturday Art-Intense eyes and frankie feels abandoned

Good Morning dear readers, here's the photo that was supposed to be done last week but the storms would not let us work on it.  Frankie has been a bit of a snot this week.  I made the mistake of telling him boy and I were going to the movie theatre and all hell broke loose.  Hey wait a minute I am not a snot let me take over, Frankie here.  She left me again (older boy was here with him).  Because I got upset and ran all over the house and tried to jump on top of the kitchen cabinets, she puts me in a time out in my bedroom the absolute nerve.  When she picks up her keys to leave the next day, I give her the pitiful look. Don't go mommy(tried to get a pic camera not cooperating).  Then when she gets home from the movie theatre older boy leaves with a suitcase.  My family is abandoning me (annual church trip to Tahoe for my older son).  Okay Frankie enough nobody abandoned you.  Anyways we used pic monkey and pizap and loved how it turned out.  Have photos that didn't turn out turn them into art.  We are joining Athena cat goddess Caturday art hop come on and check it out.

                                                         original photo

                                                        Done in HDR in pic monkey

                                    Done with a white border and pink bubble overlay in pizap
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