Thursday, March 31, 2016


Dear Fur Friends 

I am here to tell you about what happened at the Vet yesterday.  Yes mother got me an Uber car and took me to get my shots.  The ride was comfortable but you know me I always vomit. Especially since I only ride in the car to go to the Vet.  Surprisingly, the vet's office was quiet.  But in the examining room before mom got it out of her mouth the Vet touched my spot.  Never, never, never touch my SPOT.  Mom said it was like I turned into the Cartoon Character The TASMANIAN DEVIL.  No one could touch me. The vet laughed at me thought it was cute.  I guess she's never had a cat with a touchy spot. I tell you how would you feel if someone touched your bum?  Do you have a touchy spot?  How do you deal with it?

                                                DON'T TOUCH THE SPOT

                                                     THE INFAMOUS SPOT

P.S.  I got meds for my snotty nose.  I sucked up to mom. So she got me some sticky goodness and let me have the bedroom to myself with my radio turned to NPR.  I know how to work the mom.
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