Friday, November 13, 2015

This weeks Raley's trip--Savings 41%

Good morning dear readers, I'm still trying out ways to save money on the grocery's.  I did hit up Raley's Monday deals.  The reason I like hitting up Raley's is their rewards card.  I don't always shop their but when I hit them up occasionally I get free coupons.  You have to get to a certain point to get them but they are nice.  So I make it a point to look at the Monday deals.  This way I can save money and end up getting free coupons.  So check out their ads and hit them up.  Here's what I got this week.

2 bottle six packs of coke zero @ 2/$5
Morningstar Grillers 8 pk @ $5.98
2 lbs of Large Green grapes @ $2.49 lb their produce is prices but these are the good grapes as my kids would say.
2 Packages of Foster Farms Chicken products ie nuggets and meatballs--great for Christmas appetizer recipes

Total before discount sales prices $49.32                           O.O.P   $28.93


Here's some items for all you couponers check it out:

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