Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Good Afternoon all, I had to remind mom to post today.  She's been busy in the kitchen with my boys cooking the rest of the meal.  I'm snoopervising from my play roasting pan.  Mom gave it to me years ago because I stay out of her way when she's cooking cause I like to lay in it.  We wanted to wish our readers a Happy Holiday. We are happy to have everyone read our blog and comment cause without readers we wouldn't be here.  For those of you wondering if  I'm going to get any turkey, mom said no cause the fella before me got sick eating people food.  So I got canned turkey cat food.  Not to worry I tried to open a bowl of chocolate chip cookies with my paws. Mom caught me and yelled at me.  Well back to snoopervising Zen Hugs and Purrs.

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