Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mixed Media Halloween Pumpkin

Good Afternoon dear readers, I wanted to do one last minute craft for Halloween.  I fell in love with the all me cat pumpkin and wanted to do something like that one.  I couldn't think what to do and then I kept looking at my patchwork Halloween Cat and my pumpkin was born.  Here's what you'll need to make one for yourself.  If your into mixed media like me, you might already have spray inks love them even though a bit messy(hey anyone know how to get ink stains off of hands).

1 Styrofoam pumpkin
Varying colors of acrylic paint- I used kiwi, pumpkin orange, yellow and purple
1-Roll of Halloween colored Camouflage Duck Tape
1-small roll of Halloween duck tape
2-Spray inks-I used screaming grape and turquoise
1-Sheet of Halloween Stickers
Gesso and paint brushes

First off, gesso your pumpkin and let dry.  I filled in the grooves with varying colors of acrylic paint.  I then put strips of Camo Duck Tape all over it.  Then put little bits of the smaller tape around the stem.  I was having trouble getting the coverage with the tape the little one didn't want to stick.  That's when I decided to use the spray inks and let them drip all over it as it dried.  I took it out to the patio so the inks wouldn't get all over the house.  Let dry for about an hour and then place your stickers all over it.  All done and ready for display.

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