Saturday, May 30, 2015

Are Store Rewards Cards Worth It?

Good Morning dear readers, would you love to have a full pantry?  Do you sometimes worry that you wont be able to buy the stuff you need to take care of your family?  In this economy money is tight and you need to be able to save where you can. Yes rewards cards can help you build your stockpile. You can make them more effective by combining the store coupons with manufacturers coupons.  I recently got an annual savings report from CVS.  Here's how I did for the year.

Extra Savings

Sale Price Savings (from using extra card card)                               $276.25
Extra Care Coupons
*  Extra Care Coupon Center                                                           $8.24
*  Exclusive Coupons(email, receipt and online)                               $58.93                                                     

Extra Savings Total                                                                        $343.42   

Extra Bucks Rewards

Quarterly Extra Bucks Rewards                                                       $6.00
Weekly Extra Bucks Rewards                                                          $65.00
Beauty Club Extra Bucks Rewards                                                   $0.00
Pharmacy Club Extra Bucks Rewards                                              $0.00

Extra Bucks Rewards Total                                                              $71.00

Savings and Rewards Total                                                              $414.42

Not bad but this is something I can improve.  How did you do at CVS would love to know.

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