Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Teachable Money Moment

Good Afternoon dear readers,  has you all know my kids are in their late teens.  There are not a lot of teachable moments I can share but  I came across one today.  If you want to teach young children about saving money start here.  The book "A Chair For My Mother" by Vera B. Williams.  This book tells about a young girl and her family experience a  house fire and have to start all over again.  The mother gets a large jar from her work to put all their change and tips in to save for a chair.  They don't have a lot of furniture after the fire and the little girl wants to get a chair for her mom.  They save their money and go to the store and buy the chair.  A wonderful book showing children the importance of saving money.  What brought this up someone in my apartment complex put out a large jar for anyone to take and kyle got it.  We are putting all are change it and will treat ourselves when its full. So give it a try and give your son or daughter a large jar to save money.

                                               The giant jar is behind the book
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