Monday, November 10, 2014

Monthly Meat Shopping at Save Mart For November

Good Morning dear readers,  I did the monthly run with kyle for the meat sale.  He's learning how to do this so maybe more than monthly visit.  My knee is still messing up so I can't walk to much.  Any ways we did the sale.  It was not the $5/$25 sale they did the $5.99 per package sale on certain items.  We were still able to get some good deals buying the large max packs of chicken.  So here's what we got for the deal.  I also balanced it out with reduced priced meat.  

2-Foster Farms Chicken Strips Bags @ $5.99 each
2-Rosina Meat Balls @ $5.99 each
2-Packages Foster Farms 2 lb. Ground Turkey @ $5.99 each
3-Max Packages of Chicken @ $5.99 each
1-Pork Roast on sale @ $2.52 lb  got for  $8.26  got for Conor he found out it was the anniversary of Berlin Wall coming down so he had to celebrate.
6-Reduced priced packages of various cuts of steak between $2-$3 each

24 pack Pepsi
1-10 count hash browns
1-gallon of milk
1-package of ice cream drumsticks
2-cans of  Friskies sauce sensations with cheese-the only place I can find them besides rite aid @ $.55 each 
1 bottle of roasted sesame seed @ $4.99  only place I can find them for this particular cookie recipe which will be on blog sometime today.
2-Keebler packages of grasshopper cookies good price @ $2.29 each also part of recipe
1-box Fruit loops
1-box of pop tarts
5/$5 black eyed peas good deal
3 flavored waters @ $.89 each

     Before coupons/sales/discounts   $164.82                   after coupons/sales/discounts  $119.24

Savings of   27%

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