Friday, November 14, 2014

Veteran's Day Art Page

Good Morning dear readers, sorry for the delay on this page had some health issues crop up. I was finally able to finish the page yesterday.  I like this one a lot better then my journal 52 magic prompt still haven't posted that one.  Any ways used bright colors for this one. I started out with  a nice yellow acrylic paint.  I then used some fourth of July plaid stencils and colored them in with oil pastels and lined it with black paint pens.  I glued found images in magazines to the center and stenciled the stars around the corners and filled them in with oil pastels and lined them with black paint markers. I rubber stamped celebrate in blue ink.  My neighbor gave me some L stencils for my name.  She knows I do art journaling.  I'm making my signature the cat with the L over it.  I thought it would be a neat idea. Okay readers what book do you get techniques from on how to make stencils please let me know.  I've read the reviews on stencil girls book and they say not for beginners.  So please let me know what you started using to make your own stencils.  Enjoy and create.

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