Friday, September 26, 2014

Journal 52 favourite Foods art page

Good Afternoon dear readers,  I'm trying to catch up with some of journal 52's prompts.  This one is for the favourite foods prompt.  I've been noticing words and images in magazines more and more because of my art journaling.  The word Eats from Parade magazine came across my path and because I'm also a couponer I have several copies.  I buy multiple newspapers.  I've also started keeping a collage file of images just for my new hobby.  I'm impressed with some of the ladies on my groups who have file cabinets of images color coded just for collage.  Wow you guys rock.  I know what I'll be buying in the future.  Any ways I wanted to step out of my color comfort zone(blues, pinks and purples).  So I did this background in light tan, bright yellow and some red strippling  done on the page.  Next came my rubber stamps I used an unmounted circle stamp in red it still had some blue on it so came out interesting.  I put two rubber stamps in black of cupcakes.  Then I put blue ice cream cones all over the page.  Then I layered the food images and put Eats on the side.  I also put names of food on the page and it was really fun making this page can't wait to do more.  Enjoy and happy journaling.  You know it really does help with the stress.


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