Tuesday, September 2, 2014

journal 52 prompt making time

Ironically I've been trying to make time for my art for a while.  So when I saw this prompt I thought I had to do it.  I also felt the phrase from "Saving Mr. Banks" was appropriate for this piece (used a paint pen).  I watched the movie and the phrase "A leisurely stroll is a gift" resonated in me.  This is so true of our time now.  I put it this piece with gears and a watch fob to hopefully remind us to slow down.  I used my favourite color as of late cranberry for the gears.  For the background I used lavender sachet in acrylics.  The watch fob is part of a bigger rubber stamp which I always have problems with so I ended up only using the fob part.  Used a light blue acrylic paint on it.  I also rubber stamped butterflies and of course a cat in the corner.  Because as you know Frankie is my avatar.  So enjoy the piece and have a great day.  Please would love to you hear from you always love comments.

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