Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Score at thrift store sale-craft supplies, clothes and videos

Good Afternoon dear readers,  sorry didn't get to post this sooner had tech problems plus appointments,  I went to my favourite thrift store for there monthly half off sale.  I think I did good. Everybody was in the store trying on clothes good place to find good deals, if you haven't got all your back to school deals.  The thing to find was of course my favourite craft supplies.  I found a box of Chinese zodiac rubber stamps for $4.40.  This will come in handy for a possible canvass piece involving a picture of a Chinese parade dragon.  I got some clothes for the boys-nice dress shirt for interviews for kyle.  We all so found some videos.  It turned out the video in the box was not what was on the cover but it was an enjoyable video.  So when shopping in thrift stores have them open up the videos to make sure they are what their suppose to be.

Chinese zodiac rubber stamps
2 shirts
2 shorts
1 Capri pants
some magazines for collage
3 videos

All for a grand total of  $15.  Check so thrift stores and consignment shops for monthly and weekly clearance sales.  They are now having Halloween stuff will be checking back with them.  Sorry not all photos turned out.

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