Sunday, September 21, 2014

Frugal and Easy Candy Bark

Good Evening dear readers,  I'm playing catch up with posting this week.  I decided to make halloween candy this week.  Brachs candy makes it easy to make it different this year.  They've added different flavors this year i.e. Indian Corn, Maple and S'mores.  The Indian Corn is a little sweeter then the original so give it a try.  The good thing about this recipe you can add other items to it like m&m's and nuts conor didn't want to add them this time. So we just made the basic recipe.  Here's what you'll need.

Cookie sheet lined with tin foil
2-3 bags of semi sweet chocolate chips
1 bag of candy corn of your choice

Preheat oven to 200 degrees no hotter 
take your cookie sheet fill it with chocolate chips
then pour candy over chocolate 
Place in oven for no more then 10 minutes
Take out and use spatula to mix together
Then put in freezer for 30 minutes
Peel off tin foil and break candy into pieces 
Serve and Enjoy

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