Sunday, December 11, 2016

Belated Caturday Art Post-Snowshoe Abstract Christmas Kitty

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Good morning furbuddies, we had some doozies of Storm's yesterday which knocked out our Internet so couldn't post. So we are a little late with our art but better late then never. Mom got me sitting in front of the tree you might be able to make it out even the reindeer ornament hanging off of it. I thought the tree was real this year and tried to turn it into a scratching post and mom's like Frankie can't do that.  Ah mom can't a guy have any fun? The boy will be off school for a whole 2 weeks can't wait for the lap petting.  Mom's trying a new murder mystery recipe called Red Velvet Brownies of course she wont let me have any, but I will turkey cat treats my favourite,  What are your humans doing for the holidays that you like to do?

We have been doing well in the shop for xmas here are some of the ornament that have sold

snowshoe aurora borealis kitty metal ornament
snowshoe aurora borealis kitty metal ornament
by artsylorraine

here's the collection of some of our other ornaments
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