Friday, August 1, 2014

What is a Snow Shoe--Snow Shoe Siamese that is?

Has you all know my Frankie is a snow shoe Siamese, but what is a snowshoe exactly and how did they come about.  Well I though it would be fun to talk about his breed today.  Well according to the International Cat Association the breed showed up in the mid 1960's to the 70's.  They are a cross between a short hair and a Siamese but definitely showing some of the personality traits of a Siamese and some of their own.  Some of the distinctive marking include the white feet, the inverted v on the forehead and of course the blue eyes.  One of my neighbors says Frankie's markings remind him of a Siberian husky.  Snowshoes are very active and they don't like to be left alone.  Frankie has definitely exhibited these traits many times.  He lets me know especially when I say momma go to VA he gets mad that means mom is gone all day.  Snowshoes are very protective of their family.  He has definitely exhibited this behavior.  We had prowler problems and he alerted the family that the bad man was outside tearing up the motion detector.  Which caused the police department to say pay attention to the cat--he knows when bad stuff is around.  Snowshoes are a smallish breed around 7-10 lbs.  Depending on the cat some are loners and some are not.  Think this might be the breed for you check them out.  Oh almost forgot if your in the Sacramento area in California its Kitty Paloozas Adoption Weekend at the Animal Shelter on Bradshaw wont you give a kitty a home this weekend.

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