Sunday, August 17, 2014

First Canvass Collage-Coupon Queen

Good Afternoon dear readers, well here's a fun piece I just finished.  I got a lot of ideas from ronni johnsons collage book.  I used some new techniques for me in this piece.  This piece came about because I am a coupon queen those of you are regular readers already know about my shopping skills.  I decided to use my expired coupons has the background for this piece and then I water coloured part of the canvass.  One part I used the new stencil from amazon and did the trick with the gesso and made raised flowers on the canvass.  This piece kinda reminds me of andy warhol's campbells soup cans.  I used a picture from a magazine for my queen and cardstock paper for her crown.  Frankie my Siamese loves to roll in my coupons so I rubber stamped a cat on the piece.  The vet gave me a  bag when frankie went in for meds and it had paw prints on it. So I cut and glued them on the canvass.  I used paint markers to fill in the letter stencil for Coupon.  I painted some of the gesso flowers with acrylics and the fun part is I colored in around the white gesso flowers with black oil pastels.  Here's the canvass enjoy


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