Thursday, January 9, 2014

Save Mart Meat Shopping for January 2014

Good Evening all, Everything is still a little disarrayed with all the appointments and holidays and now the boys are sick.  So I did the meat shopping this morning and wanted to post it now.  I  have an appointment and will probably be gone all day tomorrow have to take the train.  I hope to have a regular Mon-wed-Friday schedule next week.  So happy couponing and enjoy the bargains.  

Did the meat sale got 11 packages of varying meats for $5 each
2 packages of Tyson grilled and ready to cook chicken  used 2 $1 off coupons
1 package of the any tizers chicken used 1 $1 off coupon this would be good for Superbowl

This type of sale is usually one to two weeks every month, so I try and find coupons for things they put on sale like the Tyson, also corn dogs and sausages are part of the deal.  If you have a save mart check it out.   Also their was a managers special going on for 10 lbs of leg quarters for $4.78

2 little bottles of 7 up 
2 bags of the marshmallow peanuts (will be calling company for coupons)
1 box 12 count pop tarts
2 Kellogg's Eggo home style waffles on sale 2/$4
Fresh Express Salad were b1g1f  (I used last Sundays coupon for $1.50/2) also tear pads for .55/1 next to it.

Total before sales and coupons  $108.30                    After coupons/sales  $69.03   Saved  36%

Also before you shop look for items that you have recipes for that are on sale for example the Tyson grilled and ready would make great Mongolian chicken substituting the beef of course.  Here's the link to help with your budget.

                                           Frankie of course thought the chicken was for him.

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