Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Million Dollar Wreath

Good Evening all,  I finally finished my wreath just in time for Christmas.  I really wanted to make my own this year as a way for the boys and I to really get into the holidays. This just makes the holidays more special especially being a single parent.  Sometimes you just want it to be memorable.  Do you ever wonder why we have wreaths at the holidays.  The circle of the wreath means never ending.  The evergreen aspect represents everlasting life.  The holly berries from a religious aspect represent Jesus blood.  That's the meaning of the wreath.  I love all the blogs that make their own.  So I got inspired to make mine.  If you haven't made one yet check out the NY daily news article about a Finnish florist who made a  million dollar wreath using rubies and diamonds.  Here's the link so you can check it out

If that doesn't inspire you check out mine that only cost a couple of dollars using items from wal-mart, dollar tree and the local thrift store.

To make this wreath you need the wreath found at wal-mart.  You can find packages of the green pipe cleaner and the tinsel pipe cleaner at wal-mart and dollar tree.  I found the bows and the candy cane buttons at the local thrift store.  Just wrap the pipe cleaner around the wreath until filled in  and tie the ribbons on or I had glitter glue on standby to fill in any exposed areas or securing parts to the wreath.  It may not cost a lot but it makes my family feel like a million bucks.

For my other easy pipe cleaner craft check out my tree at
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