Friday, December 6, 2013

Good Deal on Coffee at CVS

Good Morning all, I finally made it back to CVS.  I could not pass up the good deal on Yuban.  So here's what I got today.

3 cans of yuban coffee @  $2.99 used 3  $1/1 coupons
1 planters roasted peanuts @  $2.99
Spend $10 on these items get $3 in ECB (extra care bucks)

2 bags of Hershey candies @ $6/2  get a $2 ECB when buying 2

1 CVS Feminine pads they were not the ones on the monthly deal but that's okay was going to buy any ways and they were   $3.29

total before sales/coupons   $36.49                        O.O.P  $17.51     Saved 52%

Good Deal I also got $5 in ECB Which will use next week.  Keep looking for those free papers that carry coupons mine were a big help with the coffee.  Also found tear pads in Dollar Tree for b1g1f on m&m's candy bar.  So here's the pics and happy savings.

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