Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Family Time

     Good Morning all,  I just wanted to talk about how Halloween has changed over time and share what some things people do with their kids.  When I was a kid we dressed up and went door to door no problems.  Now a days a lot of people don't feel save doing that with young kids.  Well alternatives do exist to help celebrate without any problems. Young children can still get the feel for Halloween by going to neighbors you know on your street.  A lot of churches have fall carnivals and trunk or treats where candy is given out at peoples cars.  Some even offer hayrides for added fun.  Stores in the malls give out candy, their version of going door to door.
     If you have teens who still want to have fun.   Here are some things they can do.  My sons youth group sponsors a party at the church.  They get to dress up, have all the party food they can eat.  When you have boys who look like NFL line backers this is a good thing somebody else is feeding them.  They have contests and games.  Last year they got to dismantle a car with a sledge hammer. They brought home a hubcap.  This year they are having jousting.  I asked Conor how are they having jousting?  He didn't know should be interesting.  Our local town has a thousand night of pumpkins where the business give out candy and they have a costume contest.  They have a big screen for showings of  "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown".  It's a lovely outing for the family. 
     Last year I started planning out Halloween themed meals to make it more fun, when the boys were younger we would order pizza and watch a Halloween themed movie.  This year I'm watching World War Z and making Chicken Scaryaki and Ghost Potatoes.  This I will post next week on the blog.  What are you planning for Halloween would love to see your recipes.  How do you make your Halloween special?  For last years Dead Man Bones check out this link.    

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