Friday, October 28, 2016

Walgreens Halloween Candy Haul

Good morning all, trying to write this on the tablet had some  problems sorry. So I'm back on the desk top. Kyle did a candy run for Halloween for me at Walgreens.  They had some pretty good deals if you haven't gotten your candy yet run on over there. Here's the break down:

Brach's Mellocreme pumpkins 11 oz  $4
Haribo Sweet and Spooky Mix 11 0z. $1.99
Reeses P/B Cups Snack Size 10.5 0z. $1.99
Nestle Butterfinger Fun Size $1.99
Vanilla Marshmallow Pumpkins $1
Nestle Spooky Nerds $.49 
Skittles Share a Size $3.50

Before savings/deals/coupons  $17.62                            After O.O.P. $14.96

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