Saturday, October 22, 2016

Caturday Art-Snowshoe Painted Rainbow Kitty

Furbuddies I have finally returned in cased you missed it I had to take over the blog a couple of times.  It has been crazy around here. Spectors have been here and I had to threaten to bite them it was the man who touched my bum.  I grabbed moms phone and was going to call the police for cat abuse if he did it again.  Mom's been running around with new doctors as well and theirs good news.  She doesn't have to be afraid of being in a wheelchair ever again.  She doesn't have MS turns out the original optic neuritis was her viral infection and the white matter was and is migraines.  I here talk of suing original doctor for telling her she couldn't be an epidemiologist and putting her on horrible meds for eight years.  Mom and I got into a fight over the pillow on the bed.  I was lying down and she came in there and made me move.  I came back and head butted her and yowled for her to move(bad on my part for her migraines).  She had boy bring me an extra pillow and now I have my own human type pillow.  We are joining in Athena/Marie Caturday Art Hop so come and check it out.  Here's are entry for this week and if you missed some of the ones I posted by myself here they are again.

Big sale in the shop this weekend be sure and check it out.
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